About The Show

Away With The Fairies was born when the first baby laughed for the first time...

No, but really. Away With The Fairies is the passion project of Amelia Childress. Amelia acts as researcher, producer, writer, and host of the podcast. She was inspired to start this podcast after only hearing snippets of fairy lore on others' shows. There didn't seem to be any podcasts dedicated solely to fairies and related lore.

The show is about all things fairy, from old lore and tales to new media. Every week is an exploration of a different type of fairy, fairy-adjacent topic, or liminal creature. At the end of each episode, Amelia provides a recommendation for media of some kind for you to get even more fairies in your life.

The One-Woman Team

Amelia Childress is your host, producer, researcher, and writer for Away With The Fairies. She hasn't been podcasting long but is an avid listener to podcasts of all kinds. In her spare time, she makes jewelry, does embroidery, and reads as much as possible.

Find Amelia on Twitter, Instagram, and her jewelry shop on Etsy!